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Kit was born in St. Paul, Minnesota. At age 5, he moved with his family to

Albuquerque, NM his father’s work. He lived there until the age of 21. After

high school, he attended the University of New Mexico and studied

Psychology and Sociology. He then moved to Boston, MA, where in the fall

of 1971 he met Tricia, his wife-to-be. She was born in Brooklyn, NY and

grew up in Farmington, CT. Prior to moving to Boston, she attended

Hartford Art School. After the move, she attended Garland Junior College

(now Smith College) for art/illustration.

Kit attended Berklee College of Music to study jazz and improve his skills as

a drummer. It was soon thereafter, while working together at a restaurant,

he met Tricia.  She was a Christian but Kit was not.  Through her and the

man who led Tricia to the Lord, Ralph Mattson, Kit also came to the Lord.

In February of 1973 they were married at the Covenant Presbyterian Church in Simsbury, CT.  After spending a year and a half back in Albuquerque they returned to Boston so Kit could finish at Berklee.

After Berklee, they moved to Stahlstown, Pennsylvania and lived on a farm with other Christian musicians. They played in a Christian Gospel Jazz group called Elan, for about a year and a half. They traveled and played at events and colleges throughout the East Coast, South and Canada. They eventually moved back to Connecticut and bought a house in Winsted. Tricia worked as a Chef at three different restaurants, Chez Serge, Metro Bis and Trattoria. For seven years, they attended a small house church with mentors and Christian friends, many of whom were artists such as themselves. It was in Connecticut that their counseling ministry began. Tricia’s brother introduced them to an Episcopal Priest, psychologist and counselor by the name of Father Earle Fox. They spent a year participating with him in the process of inner healing. They also took his inner healing courses at Yale, which focused on the Desert Fathers and the life of solitude and prayer. This became something they would grow into. 

During this time, Kit and Tricia both journaled and learned to hear God’s still, small voice. Through listening and trusting, both of them paid attention to the Lord’s call on their lives. Kit started to sense that he needed to pursue a degree in Christian Studies at Trinity College in Hartford, CT. He did this, but declined an advisor’s advice to get an MA.

As they dedicated their lives to Him to serve His Kingdom interests God gave them the word “retreat”. Soon after, a dear friend called them from the hospital because she’d been brutally sexually assaulted.  She stayed at their house for 2 months.  From this, their counseling ministry began and has continued to this day. During this time, Kit was working as an analyst/case writer for a company called People Management, Inc. They were at the forefront of the “do what you love” movement and developed a system called SIMA. The “tool” was the Motivated Abilities Pattern that helped people know and live through their genetic motivational design of gifts and strengths. He worked for them for 10 years. Little did he know that years later he would launch, with their permission, the PLAYMAKER Profile of Motivational Design that has been serving people for 37 years.

After the house church ended, they attended Bakerville Methodist Church for 4 years. During that time they experienced a Tres Dias Retreat. They then started attending Covenant Presbyterian Church in Simsbury, CT (aka “The Barn”) and became members. They were invited to do some teaching and adult education on Sundays. Eventually, they invited the Session to their home to talk about a deeper walk with Christ and the need for being able to listen to Him through the Scriptures and life and to hear the still small voice of the Holy Spirit. Eventually they were invited for the first time to lead the Session on a retreat. They went away together for a time of prayer and to prepare for doing this. The Lord provided them with an outline of what a “Listening in Christ Retreat” would look like. Then they were able to take their Session on an offsite retreat. God was very faithful and the group heard from the Spirit in a new way. From this came the opportunity to move to the Center for Renewal, the retreat house on the church property. They lived and worked there for the next 20 years. This also led them to their ministry, called Klesis Ministries, and were able to invite people from outside the church to these types of retreats. In 1992 Klesis Ministries was launched and immersion retreats for men, women, couples, individuals and groups were developed. During this time, Tricia attended a 2 year program to become a Spiritual Director. They went on to lead retreats in 6 different states. They developed Spiritual Formation classes and provided guidance on Spiritual Direction for pastors along with counseling and inner healing. Kit played on the worship team and with Tricia developed a Creative Arts Worship Design Team. They also raised their three children, Daniel, Eslie and Alyn.

                                                                                        In 2007, they began to feel a call to plant a church. They read books                                                                                                        about planting churches and developed a group called Conversations                                                                                                    that focused on what it means to be missional to the cultures of the                                                                                                        world. Through this and by taking a workshop from a nationally-                                                                                                              recognized expert in church planting, they were inspired to pray and                                                                                                      follow the Spirit’s leading. In 2008, they discerned that they were being                                                                                                  called to Northampton, Massachusetts. So, they got the word out and                                                                                                    raised funds to get started. They named the church

                                                                                        imagine/Northampton, and launched it on the 2nd floor of 70 Main St.,                                                                                                  in an office space, with a large meeting room that was to be the place of worship. With the guidance of a Leadership Team, the next nine years, were spent preaching, worshipping and counseling. There were many ministry opportunities in this area. The church space had the imagine Gallery for local artists to share exhibits (Christian or not), the Northampton Public Gardens had a vegetable garden that needed cultivating, workers were needed at the homeless shelter, where they handed out mittens and knitted hats for the homeless at Christmas, there were Halloween celebrations for kids in the city, and people from imagine passing out gift bags to the street folks at Christmas.

In 2015, after nine years, they along with the Leadership Team decided to move from Northampton to Pine Brook Christian Camp in Shutesbury, MA where a small house was graciously given to them to live in by their friends Janet and Kevin Williams, the Directors of Pine Brook Christian Camp and co-leaders on the leadership team of imagine/Northampton. There was a small office downstairs that was used for counseling. They stayed there for a year, and then moved to Springfield, MA where they have been for the last 3 years. During this time they joined City Church which is a few blocks from them in Springfield. Tricia held an art show called, “Waiting At The Station” which featured works by MK Blanchard and Steve Hawley. They have initiated a Prayer Team to pray for those who come for prayer after the service on Sunday. Also, they are a part of a Gospel Community Group and hope to lead one soon. They have assisted throughout this area to guide individuals in being set free and drawn closer to Christ.


Currently, at 3 Short Lane, Simsbury, CT they continue to see clients for counseling, inner healing, PLAYMAKER, and Spiritual Direction from an office in their home. They will be doing a series of Listening in Christ and Immersion Retreats in the coming year. Kit and Tricia are currently raising funds to buy a home of their own, that will enable them to continue their ministry effectively. They are looking forward to what the Lord will do in the days, months and years ahead. Their desire is that God will use them to release the broken-in-hearted, give sight to the blind, lift up and heal the crushed, befriend the abandoned, captive, the weary and beaten down, and to proclaim the year of the Lord’s favor in and through us all.

Our History

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