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Call to Intimacy with God

Call to Intimacy with God is an 8-week series of classes combining teaching with discussion. Work is assigned outside of the class to enable the practicing of disciplines as they are presented.

The Topics:
  • Week 1 – Call to Deep Relationship with God: An Overview. A brief look at the basic ingredients of moving toward a deep relationship with Jesus.

  • Week 2 – Introduction to Lectio Divina. Introducing an ancient method of reading the Scriptures to hear the voice of God in a deeply personal way.

  • Week 3 – Lectio Divina: Part Two. An opportunity to practice this method as a group using a particular model.

  • Week 4 – Listening Prayer or Dialoguing with God. Introducing the practice of two-way prayer, including keeping a journal.

  • Week 5 – Listening Prayer Challenges: As you grow in the process. A discussion of some of the characteristic challenges that come with this sort of prayer.

  • Week 6 – Offering Ourselves: Worshiping as Living Sacrifices. Introducing the need to develop a life-long attitude of worship.

  • Week 7 – A Life of Worship: Finding Jesus in the Ordinary. Introducing the idea of “practicing the presence of God.”

  • Week 8 – Finding Jesus in the Service of Others. Living a life of self-sacrificing service to building an intimate relationship with Jesus.


* While each class can be taken singly, it is recommended that the entire series be taken to receive the full benefit.

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