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Spiritual Formation

What is Spiritual Formation?

Spiritual formation for Christians is the ultimate goal and discipline of being conformed to the reality of Christ, and having a deep relationship with Him. In other words, our way and path of life, our values, our work, our relationships, goals and passions, and most treasured commitments are conformed to Christ and reflect His glory. Through prayer, studying the Scriptures, worshiping with the saints, and serving humanity we become more like Him and bear fruit that will last over a lifetime and into eternity.

The Imagine Classes for Spiritual Formation:

Track I: Courses to Develop the Spiritual Life

  • Beginning the Spiritual Life in Christ

  • Embracing the Spiritual Disciplines

  • Called to Intimacy with God

  • Forming Christ in Our Homes

Track II: Courses to Develop Christian Maturity:

  • Strengthening and Deepening Your Marriage

  • Men Who Pray


Our teaching style balances instruction with interaction and practice. We rely first, on the Scriptures and the guidance of the Spirit, then on the wisdom of Christian teachers throughout the centuries. Our aim is to provide practical ways for people to grow closer to Jesus.

The Imagine Classes is a work in progress with the goal of building a 3-year program, offering comprehensive lay training in critical areas of the Christian life. However, it is not meant to replace the work of the local church, but to augment it by helping equip the saints for the work of ministry. As the Holy Spirit leads, we will add courses in Christian spirituality and discipline.

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For more information:

Contact Tricia McDermott, by email or phone 860-729-2557.

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