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Spiritual Direction

What is Spiritual Direction?

Spiritual Direction is a relationship built through a dialogue between two people and the Holy Spirit. It’s goal is to help the person seeking guidance identify the movement of God in the ups and downs of life. By seeing what He is doing the directee can learn to pray and act according to God’s will for him or her.  Spiritual Direction is aimed at helping believers grow closer to Jesus, and as they do, be transformed by Him.

Who Would Benefit from Seeing a Spiritual Director?

A Person Who:

  • Has a persistent longing to build or deepen intimacy with Jesus

  • Seeks to grow into a mature and vibrant disciple

  • Desires to develop or strengthen his or her practice of prayer

  • Has a growing hunger to learn how to discern and respond to God’s presence in the ordinary things of life

  • Is not satisfied with “business as usual” when it comes to relationship with the living God


What Can I Expect from You as a Spiritual Director?

You can expect that your Spiritual Director will be committed to seeking intimacy with Jesus through listening prayer, meditation on the Scriptures, and continually striving to respond to His will. You can expect that he or she will actively pray for your growth, and seek the Holy Spirit concerning how to walk with you as you unfold your experience of God. Your Spiritual Director will demonstrate a Christian maturity and deep love of Jesus in the process of working with you. It is their commitment to God and to you that they show themselves faithful in serving Him through serving you.

Spiritual Direction is NOT…
  • Therapy or Counseling

  • Directing

  • Inner Healing

  • Rigid Discipling

  • Pastoral Counseling

How Often Would We Meet?

The normal schedule is every other week, or once per month depending on what a person needs. Occasionally, weekly meetings might be necessary for a short duration.

How Much Does it Cost?

The fee for a 1-1.5 hour session is $50. However, we apply a sliding scale to help people in genuine financial need. We will turn away no one because of an inability to pay.

What is My Commitment to the Process?

Your commitment is to be, first and foremost, open to how the Holy Spirit will stretch and grow you from week to week. You will be asked to listen to God, keep a journal, read the Bible and various other materials on the Christian spiritual life. Your job will be to respond to the leading of the Holy Spirit as He trains you to draw near to Jesus.

For more information:

Contact Tricia McDermott, by email or phone 860-729-2557.

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