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Imagine FAQs

Who is Welcome at Imagine Ministries Counseling?

Everyone! Whether you are a Christ-follower or not, we are all on a journey to discover and develop who we are, what we can do and how we can thrive.  At the same time, life can be extremely challenging, hurtful, frustrating and overwhelming. We welcome those who want to change unhealthy behaviors, heal psychological, emotional and spiritual wounds, and overcome obstacles that bind them. We work with individuals, couples and families. Our specialty is helping people heal and grow from abuse, trauma, anxiety, depression, marital or family problems, and grief.

How do you approach counseling?

We approach every counselee as a person with potential, natural gifts and skills, a genetic motivational design and the ability to thrive in life. We build a relationship of trust. We pay careful attention to who the person is and what he or she has experienced. Our counseling begins by listening and asking questions to understand. Gradually we address painful experiences, deep hurts, mental disorders, depression and anxiety. Our goal is to heal and help our clients flourish.

How Do You Approach Inner Healing?

Inner healing or the healing of memories, is a spiritual and psychological process by which, through the guidance of Holy Spirit, a person is able to access in real-time, painful, traumatic and even blocked experiences in their life and be healed. It is a guided process in the sense that the counselor asks questions as the client is experiencing what the Holy Spirit is doing in a traumatic or other situation.  In so doing, the Holy Spirit engages the pain, reframes the experience, and heals the hurt. Over the last 30 years, we have seen many people healed this way.

How Do You Approach Spiritual Direction?

Spiritual Direction has as its goal, helping people learn and practice the classic spiritual disciplines of the Christian faith, such as prayer, reading the Scriptures, worship, giving and doing acts of service and kindness. In the spiritual direction process we help people see where they are flourishing or struggling in their walk with Christ. We establish a dialogue where people can see where they are in their walk with Christ. The point of it all is to help people mature in their life with Him and service for Him.

What Do Your Services Cost?

For the last 30 years we have used this SLIDING FEE SCALE. We also go by the honor system; meaning people are honest with us about what they can afford. While there have been times when people couldn’t pay at all or could pay very little, it has been our policy that as long as they do the work, we will do our part and not turn anyone away.

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