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Imagine Ministries offers a number of workshops
DSL-100 Beginning the Spiritual Life in Christ

This introductory class is for the Christian who wants to learn what the spiritual life is about. Because the Holy Spirit is key to growing in the spiritual life we will devote many classes to understanding who He is and what He does. From there, we will look at His role in prayer, the spiritual gifts, worship and spiritual direction.

DSL-200 Called to Intimacy with God

Designed to be the second offering in a three-part series, this class concentrates on the call to intimacy and disciplines necessary for drawing close to Jesus. To do so, we will explore the ancient method of reading Scripture called lectio divina. Next, we examine listening prayer. We then take up the discipline of personal worship, and conclude with a look at building intimacy through service to others. Part of the work of the class will be to practice the methods introduced.

DSL-300 Embracing the Spiritual Disciplines

Part three of this series explores disciplines not introduced in DSL-200. We examine the call to the disciplined life, and then cover the essentials like fasting, study, voluntary sacrifice, retreats, confession, simplicity, service, prayer and worship. The aim of the class is to expose Christians to the spiritual disciplines and encourage them to practice those that the Lord invites them to.

DSM-100 Thieves, Deceivers and Tyrants: Enemies Along the Way

When Christians strive to grow as disciples they soon discover that sin is a formidable foe seeking to trick, steal from and enslave them at every turn. Many soon give up the struggle. To help defeat these enemies, this course examines common stumbling blocks like: fear, unbelief, control, unforgiveness, pride, habitual anger and a wounded spirit. Each class offers Scriptural ways of exposing and confronting these blocks.

DSM-200 Strengthening and Deepening your Marriage

Designed for any Christian couple who seeks to grow deeper in the marriage relationship; this class combines lecture and discussion around issues like: fidelity, expectations, selfishness, resolving conflict, giftedness, talking to each other and maturing together in Christ. Outside work is assigned and emphasis is placed on honestly facing problems that stifle the relationship. However, it is not designed to be a group therapy session. (more info)

DSM-300 Men Who Pray

Men need to embrace the work of prayer as much as they embrace the work they do every day on the job. The approach of this class will be to look at the biblical examples of men like Nehemiah, Habakkuk and Paul, to learn what they focused on. Then, we explore a number of practical ways of praying, with the goal of building a prayer life that is disciplined and fruitful. (more info)

Call to Intimacy with God

The Christian life is a life built from a personal relationship with the living God. As such, it must involve some sort of interaction with Him to be vital and real. Our Lord is not distant nor silent. If a relationship is to have any possibility of being intimate there must be time given to that end. Intimacy with God demands time alone with him. We are called to such intimacy with the Holy Spirit.  The Call to Intimacy with God is designed to help Christians respond to God’s call by learning and applying disciplines which will draw them closer to Jesus so that they might hear his voice and be conformed to His image with increasing measure. (more info)

For more information:

Contact Tricia McDermott, by email or phone 860-729-2557.

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