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Men Who Pray

Men Who Pray is for new believers as well as men who have walked with the Lord for many years. It is offered to men who want to look closer at the life of prayer all Christians are called to live, and see where Jesus is beckoning them to stretch and grow.

The class is for men who feel they have never gotten a handle on how to develop the discipline of prayer, aren’t praying much and need to find a way to start.

Men Who Pray will bless the man who is a bit intimidated by the whole business of prayer and feels guilty because he is not praying more.

It is also for the man who perhaps has grown a little weary in doing the work of prayer and needs some fresh encouragement from the Lord, the Scriptures and from brothers who share the same struggles.


Men Who Pray will benefit men who pray regularly, but are interested in seeing how other men in the Scriptures approached God in prayer.


In other words, it is for any Christian man who is interested in his prayer life and wants to grow.

This course will look at different types of prayer, including praying the Scriptures, listening and simply being still before the Father.  It will also explore concrete ways of praying through the day, including breath prayers, the daily office, and practicing the presence of God.


“A normal part of the Christian life for a man is that he is called to be a man of prayer…serious prayer, unceasing prayer, prayer that comes from his heart and flows to God’s ear all day, every day. A man who makes prayer a central part of the way he lives has learned humility, obedience, and a rock hard faith. He is on his way to becoming a man after God’s own heart.”

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