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Listening in Christ Immersion Retreats

What is a Listening in Christ Immersion Retreat?

A Listening in Christ Immersion Retreat is a 2-4 day retreat designed for an individual or a couple. On a retreat such as this, participants are given plenty of time to rest, seek after God and hear what He has to say to them, through the Scriptures, the still, small voice of the Holy Spirit, listening and praying.  This is why it is named an Immersion Retreat. During the retreat, there are less distractions than being on a group retreat. There is also time given to help retreatants process with a retreat leader or spiritual director, to understand and thus internalize how and what God is saying to them. The retreat is never rushed or harnessed to a strict schedule. The goal is to help people seek after God without being hurried. Being with him is not a task, it’s a mutual relationship of love.


The fee for an immersion retreat is $350 a day/ per person.  This fee includes lodging at a retreat facility or at the McDermott’s home and 3 meals each day.  Kit and Tricia will spend time guiding the client and helping them process what God is doing in and through the retreat time.

For more information:

Contact Tricia McDermott, by email or phone 860-729-2557.

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