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The word “PLAYMAKER” captures the idea of a person taking specific action toward a personally meaningful end. Used as a term primarily in sports, it denotes “a key offensive player who executes plays designed to put one or more teammates in a position to score.” Put simply, you are the “PLAYMAKER” and “scorer” in your life. You constantly try to move toward results which express your motivation and fulfill who you are, whether you are conscious of it at any particular time or not. You make things happen or respond to situations that engage your nature, acting according to your specific design. When you are frustrated, the cause more than likely stems from not being able to express your motivational design.

No one can express your motivation as you do.

  • PLAYMAKER is a detailed picture of how you want to express who God has designed you to be.

  • PLAYMAKER is a tool to help you make decisions about the work that will fulfill you, glorify God, and bless others.

  • PLAYMAKER is a tool that will help you see how you relate to your spouse, children, friends, and colleagues.

What a PLAYMAKER Isn’t
  • PLAYMAKER is not a personality test.

  • PLAYMAKER is not an aptitude test.

  • PLAYMAKER is not a self-assessment tool.

  • PLAYMAKER is not a one-size-fits-all computer boilerplate.


How Long Does it Take?

Once you complete the Script, the process ordinarily takes about 3 weeks from interview to application session.


How Much Does it Cost?

The cost for PLAYMAKER is $299. That includes the interview, review, and application sessions (3 sessions). Additional sessions are $50 each.


What Will I Do?
  1. You begin the PLAYMAKER process by filling out a Script. It lets you tell us about activities throughout your life that you found stimulating or fulfilling.

  2. When you finish writing the Script, a well-trained member of our team interviews you on 8 to 10 of those activities. We record your conversation.

  3. Your interview is analyzed and a detailed PLAYMAKER Profile is written, highlighting your unique design of gifts.

  4. Then, we meet to explain your profile of gifts, and answer your questions. It is recorded for you to later review.

  5. The last meeting is to help you apply this knowledge to the issues you want to address.


Who Would PLAYMAKER Benefit?
  1. High School or college students searching for a career.

  2. Young couples getting ready to marry.

  3. Men and women in career or job transitions.

  4. Organizations looking to hire the person who best fits the                                                                                                            function.

  5. Managers looking to build a team or improve a team’s                                                                                                          performance.

  6. Entrepreneurs looking to go into business for themselves.

  7. Counselors wanting to understand who a client is designed                                                                                                                  to be.

  8. Married couples needing to understand one another better.

  9. Professionals feeling stagnant in their work.

  10. Anyone seeking God’s direction for his or her life.


Some Questions to Ask Yourself…
  • Is your college choice and course selection appropriate for your long-term career motivation?

  • Why do you thrive in some situations and not in others?

  • How do you translate your interests into your future world of work?

  • What sustains your interests?

  • How do you paint a picture of yourself to convince a college admissions board? Or a prospective employer?

  • Are your goals for continuing education realistic for you?

  • How do you best learn?

  • What types of people are easier for you to work and relate to?


If you can not thoroughly answer these questions, please give us a call. We can help!

How Do I Get Started?

Call or email Kit McDermott


PLAYMAKER was adapted by Imagine Ministries from a system which has been utilized throughout the country by individuals, churches and businesses for over 20 years. Kit McDermott has personally worked with over 4000 people during his years of experience.

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