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Playmaker Testimonials

“The Covenant Presbyterian Church in Simsbury, Connecticut was in search of a new pastor and engaged Kit McDermott to provide PLAYMAKER evaluations of four of our top candidates.  The interviews were thorough, detailed and sensitive.  Kit’s analysis of each person provided helpful insights and a solid basis for us  to compare the candidates. His written reports were articulate and illuminating.  The PLAYMAKERs were extremely helpful.  I readily recommend them.”  


~Richard Schoenhardt, Chairman of the CPC Search Committee

“We have used Kit and his Playmaker technology since we began MicroTools in 1988.  Every employee goes through the Playmaker process.  We have found it invaluable in managing a diverse team.  It is not uncommon to refer back to a Playmaker done 10 years before when faced with personnel/resource decisions.  We will continue to put all new employees through the process.”  

~Bob Japenga, President of MicroTools Inc.


“I am thankful to Kit McDermott and Tricia Mcdermott who have brought me through the depths and have taught/are teaching me to see myself as God sees me. PLAYMAKER is a awesome process I highly recommend, along with an immersion retreat!” 


~Dr. Judy Houle

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