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Retreats for Men

The Call to Intimacy with God…


Why a Retreat?

“In repentance and rest is your salvation. In quietness and trust is your strength” (Is. 30:15).


Men today are working hard to balance mounting responsibilities in a world that has its

foot heavy on the gas pedal with little patience to wait for any who choose to slow down. 

From the moment the alarm sounds in the morning, It’s…Go! Do! Accomplish! The going,

the doing, the accomplishing are not necessarily bad things. Sadly, however, far too many

men go through their busy days without a thought about what God might have for them to do.

In the garden, God gave work to Adam. At the same time, Adam enjoyed God’s presence and knew Him intimately. It was out of intimacy that Adam received his work and performed it. Christian men still hear the call to work – it’s a part of life. “For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them”(Ephesians 2:10) To receive our work from God, it is so important to spend time with Him and listen for His voice.  Our retreats are designed to help men find the time, quiet the heart, learn intimacy with God, and listen. We teach this intimacy and listen to God as a way of life, not just for a day or a weekend.

Retreats for Men
  • TEACH Christian men how to listen to God.

  • SHOW men a Biblical vision of Godly masculinity.

  • HELP God’s men live every day in the grace of an intimate relationship with their                                                                          King.

  • HEAL and STRENGTHEN God’s wounded and broken sons.

  • MOTIVATE the sons of the Most High God to, “step over the line” in wholehearted                                                                      service to their King.

  • CHALLENGE men to fight the good fight of faith with courage and obedience.


These retreats are uniquely designed for small groups of 15-25 men who will walk                                                                      closely together for 26 hours, helping one another hear God’s voice and take the steps                                                   necessary to follow their King in building His Kingdom.

Imagine Ministries teaches that a Christian man is…a radically new creation.

  • called to loyalty/fidelity to God above all else.

  • called to struggle well – agonia.

  • called to live for someone greater than himself.

  • called to a masculine community of brothers fighting the same battle.

  • called to deep intimacy with the Servant King.

  • called to join God in His redemptive war.

  • called to embody God’s revealed truth in a life of sacrificial love. To preserve and protect that truth and to pass it on.

  • called to courage – to persevere and endure in the face of fear and hardships, disappointments, obligations and responsibilities.

  • called to humbly face his brokenness, and by grace, learn a yielded, repentant heart.

To schedule your Men’s retreat with Imagine and receive more information contact:

Kit McDermott


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