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Playmaker Profile of Motivational Design

A practical tool to help people understand and apply their motivational design relating to educational focus, career choice, job fit, relational and work styles. This tool was developed to give individuals a clear understanding of their unique design, motivational drives, and natural gifting so they can be free to express who they are in the pursuit of endeavors bringing fulfillment and meaning.

Church, Nonprofit and Small Business Consulting  

Through the Playmaker Profile of Motivational Design, it is possible for churches, nonprofits, and small businesses to be more fully equipped in carrying out their missions. Using this tool can help to hire employees who are the right fit, build a team with the right balance of motivations and gifts, improve employee performance or team performance by playing to existing strengths, and understand the work styles of colleagues. Recommendations based on analysis can be made so individuals feel fulfilled in their work and duties are assigned to appropriate parties. 

For More Information:

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